Additional value is always realized through strategic partnerships that augments our products and at Zuna we believe in these partnerships. We strive to create value for our customers through end-to-end solutions​

Our Software

Customer Experience is about creating a customized journey that considers your customers’ feedback and behaviors in order to make intelligent decisions that feed your bottom line. With RipeMetrics, we achieve customer feedback, retention, reputation & deliver superior customer service​.

With Alt Thirty Six, we power your Dispensary with Digital Payments that are Efficient, Compliant & Secure. The solutions also connects Dispensaries with Vendors and Suppliers for cashless transactions and B2B marketplace.​

Hypur's software integrated with Radix CannPOS system, provides a level of transparency needed to ensure compliance with state laws. Hypur is a digital platform that helps financial institutions provide banking services to cash-intensive businesses, like cannabis and money service businesses. The platform helps monitor transactions and provides the level of transparency needed to comply with government regulations.​

Our Hardware

Zuna collaborates with StarMicronics, a leading manufacturer of small printers. Star's reliable, tried-and-true hardware is a perfect accompaniment to Radix CannPOS.​

Zuna collaborates with Brother Industries for Printers & scanners that compliment our Radix CannPOS application for its consistent reliability and bottom-line value.​

Businesses require POS systems that are easy to use, while managing inventory, employees, customer relationships, online sales and integrations. Zuna collaborates with SocketMobile for the barcode scanners that run efficiently, providing real-time status on inventory to decipher better decision making for improved product distribution.

Green Marimba™ is a leading cannabis software provider, delivering web services and platforms for implementing the strategies and key functions growers, processors, and dispensaries need to succeed. Services include E-Commerce website management, Metrc™ compliance and integration, inventory management, vendor management tools, SMS marketing platform, payment processing, CRM and customer loyalty programs​